Song Hye Kyo Child Photo

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Song Hye Kyo Child Photo

Following her surprisingly-professional photo shoot, Oh Ji-yool spoke about being part of Netflix's series 'The Glory', which is currently soaring in popularity across the globe. 

In 'The Glory', Oh Ji-yool played the role of 'Ha Ye-sol', a daughter of one of 'Moon Dong-eun' (Song Hye Kyo)'s high school bullies 'Park Yeon-jin' (actress Im Ji Yeon) and her construction company CEO husband 'Ha Do-yeong' (actor Jung Sung-il); she is also a biological daughter of another bully 'Jeon Jae-joon' (actor Park Sung Hoon), whom 'Park Yeon-jin' had an affair with during her marriage. 


Although Oh Ji-yool could not watch 'The Glory' due to the age restriction, she still had lots to say about the series. 

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About her character 'Ha Ye-sol', she said, The things that 'Ye-sol' say and do may look simple, but they seemed to have a deep meaning that I don't understand just yet. There is something that 'Ye-sol' and I have in common, and I believe that is we both never get caught up in fights between adults. I really don't want to be involved in them either. 

Sympathizing with the message of 'The Glory' that those who bully friends will be punished, she boldly expressed her thoughts on school bullying, School violence is something that can change the life of anyone, including someone like 'Moon Dong-eun'. It's definitely something bad. 

Afterward, Oh Ji-yool shared how Song Hye Kyo amazed her on site, I don't know how to put it into words, but it almost felt as if a soul of 'Moon Dong-eun' had come out of a pink bottle, then wrapped around Song Hye Kyo like magic. 

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At the end of the interview, Oh Ji-yool described the kind of actress she wants to be, Sometimes, people around me tell me that I'm pretty, and other times, they say I'm good at acting. But I want to be a pretty actress, who can act well. Not to expose your age, but if you’ve watched old school K-dramas like Autumn in My Heart and All In set in the early 2000s, you’d know who Song Hye Kyo is. The 42-year-old actress is known for her timeless beauty, incredible acting skills, and philanthropic heart. 

If you’re curious to learn more about the gorgeous actress, especially after her divorce from actor Song Joong Ki , below are 18 facts about her. 

ContentsSong Hye Kyo Facts And News1. Was not expected to survive as a baby2. Did figure skating3. Started out as a model4. Used to be a host for music programmes5. Had her breakthrough with Autumn in My Heart6. Her recent comeback with Netflix’s The Glory was a huge hit7. Ate konjac jelly for 2 months when filming for The Glory7. Has won numerous awards8. Speaks 5 languages fluently10. Made her Hollywood debut in 200811. Signed with a Hong Kong production company12. Has more than 13 million followers on Instagram13. Dated famous actors14. Married and divorced Song Joong Ki15. Is an ambassador for Chaumet and Fendi16. Released 2 photobooks19. Is philanthropic18. Has a pet dogThese Facts About Song Hye Kyo Show That She Is A Timeless Hallyu Star

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She fell sick as a newborn and was not expected to survive beyond a few days. Fortunately, she recovered, and her parents registered her birth on 26 February 1982 instead of her actual birthday on 22 November 1981.

The actress trained as a figure skater in her elementary school days up until eighth grade. Though she has stopped pursuing the sport, she has flaunted her figure skating skills in the K-drama Full House (2004) and an advertisement for a mobile phone brand.

Song Hye Kyo’s first step into showbiz happened after she emerged as the winner of Sunkyung Smart Model Contest when she was 14. Thanks to the contest, she went on to model for the school uniform brand, and was later cast in New Generation Report: Adults Don’t Know (1995) and First Love (1996) as minor characters.

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There’s a saying that celebrities who host music programmes in Korea will turn out successful. It looks like that is definitely true as apart from Song Hye Kyo, other A-list actors like Park Seo Joon and Jun Ji Hyun also hosted such shows early in their careers. 

Song Hye Kyo hosted Inkigayo in 1998 and later Music Bank in 2000. Her appearance as a host on those programmes also marked her increasing popularity in Korea.


Five years after her acting debut, Song Hye Kyo rose to fame with Autumn in My Heart (2000). The K-drama revolves around the lives of two siblings who got mixed up due to an accident when they were still babies ‒ the truth about their biological connections were only revealed later. 

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In an interview, the actress singled out Autumn in My Heart as a turning point in her career. Prior to the melodrama, she had only acted in small or comedic roles. Her role as the unfortunate female lead in Autumn in My Heart alongside Won Bin and Song Seung Heon gained her recognition in the acting industry.

Since then, she was cast in other chart-topping dramas like All In, Full House, That Winter, The Wind Blows, and Descendants of the Sun.

Revenge-themed K-dramas are no strangers to viewers, with others like Remarriage & Desires paving the way. But Netflix’s The Glory showed us more than just a character seeking revenge ‒ it hit us hard with realistic issues like the inequality in living conditions of the wealthy and poor, and differences in educational opportunities. 

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Song Hye Kyo has definitely stepped up her acting game, and we’re in love with how she has got us hooked and wanting more. Not to mention, the Netflix series is also consistently ranked in the Top 10 of the streaming platform. 

For an actress with more than 2 decades of experience, Song Hye Kyo is no doubt professional and takes her job seriously. According to 8 Days , they mentioned that the actress only ate konjac jelly for two months as she needed to go on a diet for the filming of The Glory. 


She wanted her body to look the best during a scene, where she was stripped down to her underwear that revealed her “grotesque scars”. 

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It is not surprising that Song Hye Kyo has bagged home trophies and awards ‒ throughout her acting career, she scored the Daesang aka the Grand Prize not once, but twice. 

In 2013, she was noted for her incredible work in That Winter, the Wind Blows at the APAN Star Awards. Later in 2016, she received the honourable award again at the KBS Drama Awards for Descendants of the Sun.

Song Hye Kyo is a woman of many languages ‒ she is fluent in five languages, namely Korean, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese. Previously in 2005, it was reported that she went to San Francisco to study English.

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It is inspiring to see how the successful actress continues to improve herself as her proficiency in these languages has earned her acting opportunities in overseas projects like The Grandmaster, a Hong Kong film. 

Song Hye Kyo made her Hollywood debut with psychological thriller Fetish (2008), a story about a Korean woman who moves to New Jersey and becomes obsessed with her neighbours. Despite her attempt to challenge herself in different genres, the movie was unfortunately not well-received. 


It might not come as a surprise when it was announced that Song Hye Kyo signed with Hong Kong production and talent management company Jet Tone Films in 2019. Previously, she already ventured into the Hong Kong film industry in 2013 with The Grandmaster. 

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As expected of the Hallyu star, Song Hye Kyo has more than 13 million followers on Instagram. While she normally posts photos of her endorsements and magazine features, she also shares photos of her and her pet dog. 

After her hit drama Autumn in My Heart, she dated fellow actor Son Seung Heon for a while before breaking up. Later, she started a relationship with Lee Byung Hun after filming All In together in 2003 for a year before parting ways in 2004.

In 2008, she dated Hyun Bin , whom she met while filming Worlds Within, for 3 years before ending their relationship in 2011.

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While filming the hit K-drama Descendants of the Sun, Song Hye Kyo got into a relationship with actor Song Joong Ki. The power couple were married on 31 October 2017 and divorced on 22 July 2019. According to a statement from Song Hye Kyo’s agency, the split was due to a “difference in personality.”

Following her divorce, the actress stated that she would be taking time off work for the rest of 2019. Shortly after, she was spotted in France on a holiday. She also enrolled in an art school in New York City.


Song Hye Kyo has had many endorsements in her career, and currently, she is the ambassador for Chaumet and Fendi. FYI, the actress has been part of the Chaumet family since 2018, and recently joined Fendi as a brand ambassador in 2021.  

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Despite having a busy schedule, Song Hye Kyo managed to find time and released two photobooks to date. The first book titled Moment Song Hye Kyo was released in 2011,

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