Kimi No Na Wa Hollywood Remake

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Kimi No Na Wa Hollywood Remake

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Your Name, which raked in US$355.3 million, is the highest grossing anime film at the global box office and the fourth-highest grossing film of all time in Japan. (Kimi no Na wa official website via


Which raked in US$355.3 million, is the highest grossing anime film at the global box office and the fourth-highest grossing film of all time in Japan. Created by Japanese director Makoto Shinkai, the story centers around two high school students, a girl and a boy, who swop bodies and attempt to prevent an impending disaster.

Your Name,’ The Next Remake We Really Don’t Need, Now Has A New Director

It has also picked up several awards, including Best Animated Film at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awardsand Screenplay of the Year at the 40th Japan Academy Prize.

Is a film created with the innate imaginations of a Japanese team and put together in a domestic medium. When such a work is imbued with Hollywood filmmaking, we may see new possibilities that we had been completely unaware of. I am looking forward to the live-action film with excited anticipation.

Just like in the film it feels like a dream, he said. Mr. Abrams and his team have captivated audiences in their masterful reinvention of known properties. And Mitsuha and Taki have found a perfect narrator, Mr. Heisserer, to tell their sci-fi infused love story, which gave the film such drive. The meetings so far have been creatively stimulating with fantastic ideas that no doubt will make for a great movie. I am greatly honored to work with these incredible creators in bringing to audiences the Hollywood live-action version of Your Name.

The Your Name Remake Will Be Americanised, According To Its Screenwriter

This article appeared on The Straits Times newspaper website, which is a member of Asia News Network and a media partner of The Jakarta Postis being developed as a live-action Hollywood film, with no less a name attached than J.J. Abrams as producer – though it may be more significant that the on-board writer is Eric Heisserer, who scripted

We should stress that most of the crucial details are unconfirmed. We don’t know who’ll direct the remake, or who’s being considered for the roles of the star-crossed teenagers – at least we

Perhaps more importantly for anyone whose reaction is to start a protest petition, there’s no confirmation about where the remake will be set, or the ethnicity of the characters. Yes, going on past Hollywood form, it’s easy to assume that a Hollywood remake would be set in America (as I speculated in an article months ago) with white actors. Then again, a genre veteran like Abrams is likely to pay more attention to fans than most Hollywood insiders, and those fans have been very loudly against whitewashing in the last year.

Why The U.s. Live Action Remake Of The Critically Acclaimed Japanese Animated Film, Your Name, Is Bad News For Indigenous People

Both latter titles had something in common – they had enormously iconic central characters. Motoko Kusanagi, Light Yagami and L are giants in anime and manga pop-culture, perhaps even bigger than the titles they appear in. Even giving those characters new names, like “Mira Killian” and “Light Turner”, was met with outrage.


The lead characters Mitsuha and Taki aren’t on that level. They’re enormously likable, of course – we care about them deeply, or the film wouldn’t have been a smash. But it’s surely the case that the film

Soared because of its fascinating scenario; its shocking mid-film twist; its brilliant mixture of broad comedy and emotional anguish; its gripping against-the-clock climax; and of course its bravura spectacle of town, country and plunging comet. Wags are already predicting that J.J. Abrams will slather the remake in lens flares, but that’s not quite the same.

Movies Like Your Name To Watch For More Gorgeous Animated Fantasies

Be less upset if Mitsuha and Taki were altered for the remake (most obviously, if they were turned into white Americans). Whether I’m right or wrong about that, it would be an interesting control case, to see how much “whitewashing” controversies pivot around non-white

And one big question is whether a Hollywood remake can preserve the film’s rollercoaster swerves in tone without losing the audience. As a generalisation, animated films can negotiate drastic tonal shifts far better than live-action ones.


Full of body-swap confusions and gaffes, would be likelier to annoy fans of the original. On the other hand, it may be easier to sell such a film to the mainstream. Yet it’s quite possible to imagine a “straighter” remake of

Hollywood Live Action Film Of ‘kimi No Na Wa.’ Announced

Which also had young characters and a twisty, scary mystery. That could work, though for me it’d be strange to see one of the most “Hollywood” anime films ever made lose some of its most obviously Hollywood elements.

Young female actors: Jodie Foster in the 1974 film and Lindsay Lohan in the 2003 version. I was always a bit disappointed that the

Has such a context. As Shinkai himself said explicitly, he made the anime film as a response to the tragedy of the Tohoku Earthquake of 2011, and the painful sense that


Latest Director For The Live Action Adaptation Of ‘your Name’ Exits Production

Friend who loved the film what he thought of it as a fantasy about “saving people from Tohoku”. He said it never struck him that way.

Moreover, the in-vogue argument that stories shouldn’t be removed from their original cultural contexts is a particularly odd one. Presumably if it’s true, it should be true universally, and not through some slide-rule of privilege. By that logic, Akira Kurosawa was idiotically wrongheaded to adapt the British plays

S twisty second half. If you don’t mind spoilers for 25 year-old films, have a look at this trailer for the 1992 film

Lee Isaac Chung Talks Live Action American Remake Of “your Name”

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