Kimi No Na Wa Questions

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Kimi No Na Wa Questions

Q at what time did the meeting take place where taki writes something on mitsuha s hand a twilight tasogare doki q name the lake that is the inspiration of the story a lake suwa q what did mitsuha s father do professionally a mayor of the city q what did taki drink a

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Quiz category anime anime genres drama romantic subtext supernatural this quiz consists of 15 your name questions these questions have various difficulty ratings easy medium hard and almost impossible spoilers this quiz will contain spoilers for your name

Your Name. 1 By Makoto Shinkai

04 07 18 played 435 times 7 questions how well do you know them start quiz hinata shoyo the little giant 02 27 18 played 440 times 7 questions kimi no na wa test spoilers start quiz drather ling 02 25 17 played 810 times 10 questions something to be guess start quiz drather ling 02 12 17 played 788 times 8 questions

Kimi no na wa 君の名は your name is a 2016 japanese anime romantic fantasy drama film directed written and edited by makoto shinkai based on his own novel of the same name your name was animated by comix wave films and distributed by toho the film premiered at the anime expo 2016 convention in los angeles california on july 3 2016 and premiered in japan on august 26 2016

Episodes 1 status finished airing aired aug 26 2016 producers toho sound team don juan amuse jr east marketing communications kadokawa voque ting licensors funimation nyav post studios comix wave films source original genres award winning drama supernatural theme romantic subtext duration 1 hr 46 min

Why These Two Characters In The Knnw/yn Anime Movie Epilogue?

Your name your name japanese 君の名は hepburn kimi no na wa is a 2016 japanese animated romantic fantasy film written and directed by makoto shinkai produced by comix wave films and distributed by toho

Your name directed by makoto shinkai with ryunosuke kamiki mone kamishiraishi ryo narita aoi yûki two teenagers share a profound magical connection upon discovering they are swapping bodies

The way i think of it is to imagine that rather than a clean split timeline 2 is sort of messily pasted on top of timeline 1 that is instead of there being the first timeline where mitsuha died and the second one where taki came back and they saved everyone it s all just a single timeline where mitsuha dies then taki comes back and helps her save everyone and then the timeline

Kimi No Na Wa: Questions And Answers

1 answer sorted by 14 the title is 夢と知りせば yume to shiriseba which one might translate as had i known it was a dream to appreciate the significance of this title one should know that this is part of a tanka by ono no komachi a heian era poet in japanese the text is 思ひつつ 寝ればや人の 見えつらむ 夢と知りせば 覚めざらましを


君の名は your name is a 2016 japanese animated youth science fiction fantasy film written and directed by makoto shinkai with animation by comix wave films and distributed by toho the film is inspired by a novel of the same name written by shinkai masayoshi tanaka is the character designer and radwimps composed the music for the film

I watched kimi no na wa last night and itomori reminded me of somewhere near where i live kingsley lake florida almost perfectly circular with a small town on it 39 s shores it 39 s the highest elevation lake in florida as well as the oldest lake in the state might visit there soon

Your Name. Kimi No Na Wa 1 3 Comic Complete Set / Japanese Manga Book Japan

Hello guys i just watched a kimi no ma wa and i have few questions to you i rly dont understand that situation in the train where mitsuka gave to taki piece of string she was wearing this string in hair idk how i should name it so it will be piece of string v why he didnt remember her but she did

Question about japanese what does kimi no na wa mean see a translation whatsupaya 10 nov 2016 japanese 君の名は きみのなは kimi no na wa what is you name may i ask your name see a translation 3 likes farb grande 10 nov 2016 japanese 君の名は your name is 君の名は what 39 s your name show romaji hiragana see a translation 1 like deleted user 10 nov 2016


Your name japanese 君の名は hepburn kimi no na wa is a japanese light novel written by makoto shinkai it is a novelization of the animated film of the same name which was directed by shinkai it was published in japan by kadokawa on june 18 2016 a month prior to the film premiere 1 plot edit

Movie Kimi No Na Wa Your Name Miyamizu Mitsuha Bracelet Chain Jewelry Cosplay

Mountains kuchukiamisake 9 what is the name of the lake that kimi no na wa was inspired by flowing lake lake shikotsu suwa lake saroma lake 10

Mitsuha went back to october 4th 2013 to survive from the meteor crash and she got her braided cords back she has vague memory about taki and its a dream for her at taki side after the tasogare event in 2016 he no longer possed braided cords and don 39 t even know his purpose at goshintai meteor crash site

Kimetsu no yaiba yuukaku hen episode 9 alternative names demon slayer entertainment district arc demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba entertainment district arc rate this episode here reminder please do not discuss plot points not yet seen or skipped in the show failing to follow the rules may result in a ban streams


Your Name, Kimino Na Wa Worksheet + Acara For Year 9/10

Kimi no na wa your name questions major spoilers yumeko 6 years ago 1 great movie very romantic with a surprisingly happy ending for a shinkai movie i liked it but i have a hard

Is there a dubbed version of kimi no na wa and is there a site to watch the dubbed version of kimi no na wa online legally stack exchange network stack exchange network consists of 181 q a communities including stack overflow the largest most trusted online community for developers to learn share their knowledge and build their careers

Browse through and take kimi no na wa quizzes hirari hirari mo suki no uchi to kakekomi suberikomi uttori kore zo kamikaze sou taiyou mushi no iki hitoshirezu taihen na no genba wa kaji urei na omeme kara hassha da poon douka na kore shingata gimikku amari ni kakushinteki na hito koko kara hajimete kokon touzai nariyamanu hana kuberu wa suiheis

I Love You’: How Makoto Shinkai’s Kimi No Na Wa (your Name) Captured Everyone

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