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Kimi Nawa

Every otaku knows about Kimi No Nawa. There are no exceptions to that. If a person has even the slightest exposure to the anime, manga or light novel communities, chances are that they’ve heard about this masterpiece.

Kimi No Nawa is an animated movie released in 2016, written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. It’s also considered to be one of the best anime movies ever and I would personally say that Kimi No Nawa is a movie that should be counted among the best movies of all time. It’s also the highest grossing anime movie of all time.


You see, Kimi No Nawa is not just a movie, it’s a piece of art. It has a venerated status among the otaku community and is practically anime royalty. This leads to a small problem.

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Kimi No Nawa is an amazing movie with an amazing plot and amazing animation and amazing soundtrack and it’s just amazing, but the story of Kimi No Nawa is such that writing a sequel for it is quite difficult.

Fans have been hoping and pining for a sequel to Kimi No Nawa ever since the original release of the movie back in 2016. The story of Kimi No Nawa is deeply emotional. It’s about two teenagers, a girl, Mitsuha Miyamizu, living in a rural town and a boy, Taki Tachibana living in Tokyo, swapping bodies.

Initially, the movie concentrates of their reactions and how they adapt to their new situations and also they find out a way to communicate with each other via letters and their phones and writing on each other’s skin, because they return to their original bodies after some time and their memories of the other person begin to fade after returning to their bodies.

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After some time, the guy learns that the town where the girl whose body he’s in lives was destroyed by a comet strike three years prior to his timeline.

A lot of stuff happens and he tries to save the girl and get the people of the town to evacuate with his knowledge from the future and when the comet is about to strike and he thinks he’ll never be able to see the girl again and for what he thinks it’s his last time seeing her, in the semi-dream space, the girl tells him to write his name on her hand, but instead of his name, he just writes, ‘I love you’ because he had fallen in love with the girl.

This is an intensely emotional scene, and it’s execution represents a quality of animation and story writing and voice acting which are the reasons why this movie has a divine status.

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The comet crashed and destroys the small town and the guy wakes up back in his own timeline, remembering nothing. Watching this part of the movie was like being gut punched in the stomach.

Then we cut to five years later, when Taki has graduated from university. He learns that the inhabitants of the rural town where the girl lived had survived. He feels something is missing but doesn’t know what ort why.

Then the magic of the final scene starts setting in. The guy is on a train while the girl is on another train. They see each other and feel an intrinsic connection with each other, so they get off the trains, coming face to face on a staircase.

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The moment is golden. This moment is the ultimatum of humanity’s emotional and emphatic capability, such that no movie with human characters could pull such a scene off. The impact of that scene is beyond words. It’s not quantifiable!

How do you follow up a scene like that? Just how? You can’t!n And that’s a problem, because that means writing a sequel for Kimi No Nawa is almost impossible! Story-wise and direction wise as well.


The director of Kimi No Nawa, Makoto Shinkai has stated that he feels so pressured when talks of a sequel to Kimi No Nawa come up because Kimi No Nawa is such a behemoth that he knows that if he makes a sequel to Kimi No Nawa, it’s not gonna be on the same level as Kimi No Nawa, and then the fans are going to crucify him.

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My problem is that I really want to know what happens after the ending! If the guy’s not gonna make a sequel, then I have a few propositions.

First, release a bunch of shorts detailing the life of Taki and Mitsuha after the final scene of Kimi No Nawa and their re-budding relationship.

Second, write a fucking light novel for that purpose! There’s a Kimi No Nawa light novel, just title it something like ‘Kimi No Nawa: After’ or ‘Kimi No Nawa: I Need Closure!’ Yishui Cartoon Poster, Anime Name, Kimi No Nawa Poster, Dekoratives Gemälde, Leinwand, Wandkunst, Wohnzimmer, Poster, Schlafzimmer, Malerei, 30 X 45 Cm

Or just a few OVAs! We need this! Please! Gimme more Kimi No Nawa! I need something more! I don’t think you understand the fact that this movie left me emotionally crippled for an entire weekend!

I also think that’s part of the reason Kimi No Nawa is so venerated, at the end, you’re literally left begging for more, more Kimi No Nawa, or at least more closure. Compare it to another amazing anime movie(I like the light novel more in this case), I Want To Eat Your Pancreas, which I found even more emotionally heavy than Kimi No Nawa, but at the end of the movie, you’re not left wanting for more. I’m not going to spoil anything for now, but what had to happen, happened and at the end, you’re just like, ‘Please end this now! Please end me now! It hurts to think!’


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