Kimi No Na Wa Yotsuya

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Kimi No Na Wa Yotsuya

“Your Name” (君の名は Kimi No Na Wa) was, and still is, one of the most popular anime films of all time! The story gripped viewers and took them on a journey whilst the ending left them wanting MORE! Although we can’t make you a second part of the film, we can keep the film alive by showing you some REAL LIFE locations in Tokyo that featured in the anime film “Your Name”. There are tons of these real life locations in Tokyo from “Your Name”, from shrines to city views…so if you’re looking to experience “Your Name” in real life then carry on scrolling! If you’re interested in checking out real life locations of other anime CLICK HERE!

The Suga Shrine Steps have become one of the most famous places for “Your Name” fans to flock to and recreate one of the most iconic scenes from the movie, so of course we had to make it the first place on our list! In the film, the two main characters (Taki and Mitsuha) finally meet in real life on these steps at the end of the film. The scene is extremely heart warming and was loved by many all around the world. This has resulted in people traveling from all over to see these steps and recreate this amazing scene from the film.


The steps are located close to Yotsuya station and they lead up to a shrine called “Suga Shrine”, hence why they are called the “Suga Shrine Steps”. The shrine itself is also very lovely and is significantly less busy than other shrines in Tokyo, so it’s a great place to go to relax and take some amazing pictures. If you’re in Tokyo and you love “Your Name”, you HAVE to visit these steps!

Amazing Anime In Real Life Spots In Japan You Should Visit

Whilst you’re at Yotsuya Station for the Suga Shrine Steps, check out this other “Your Name” real life location! Yotsuya Station appears many times throughout the anime. One significant time that it appears is when Taki and Okudera-senpai meet for their date and Taki is late. As you can see from these photos above, the anime has been made to look practically identical to the real life station…even the street lights are in the exact same places!

Cafe La Boheme is a restaurant that is located in Shinjuku, close to Shinjuku Gyoen. If you think it looks familiar, that’s because this is where Taki worked part time at and met Okudera-senpai. The vibe of the restaurant is very similar to that in the anime, meaning it is quite a “posh” restaurant but the prices are very reasonable! This is a great place to stop at for some lunch or dinner!

Although the restaurant has a French name, the restaurant has an extensive menu full of dishes that are liked by everyone! There are tons of pasta dishes as well as pizza, salads and much more! For more information, check out the full menu HERE. This is a great place to enjoy a lovely meal whilst experiencing “Your Name” in real life.

My Japan Pilgrimage: Visiting The Real Life Locations Of Kimi No Na Wa

Although you wouldn’t think it Yunika Vision, a Labi department store located in Shinjuku, is also a “Your Name” real life location too! This location is used in the film to show the passing of time through by creating a time lapse of the scene. The department store has become an iconic “Your Name” real life location over the years and if you go there you can usually see people taking pictures of/with the building. If you have the time, why not try recreating the movies time lapse of the building?!

The Shintoshin Pedestrian bridge appears in the movie towards the end, when we are anxiously anticipating Taki and Mitsuha to meet in real life. They walk past each other on this bridge in the snow and the scene is truly beautiful and unforgettable. Fans were quick to get searching for this bridge and it was found by the buildings in the background being identical to this in the anime and it was found out to be Shintoshin pedestrian bridge!

The next “Your Name” real life location in Tokyo is Roppongi Hills. Roppongi Hills is a very popular viewing tower in Tokyo, showing absolutely STUNNING views of the Tokyo cityscape, it also has the TALLEST outdoor viewing platform in Tokyo! Roppongi Hills is one of the main places that Taki and Okudera-Senpai go on their date, as you can see from the top picture!

Places To Visit In Japan If You Love The Anime Movie “your Name”

This place is great as you can take people there who don’t know about “Your Name” and they will still find it amazing. So, if you’re in Tokyo and you want to experience “Your Name” in real life but you’re with people who haven’t seen the movie, Roppongi Hills is somewhere you have to go to!

Another “Your Name” real life location in Tokyo that was featured during Taki and Okudera-senpai’s date is the National Art Center which is located in Roppongi. In this scene, the two walk around the art center together and we start to get the sense that Okudera-senpai knows there is something different about Taki!

The anime did a great job of showing the art center and really making it look real! Due to that, this is one of the best places to go to recreate scenes from the anime or just simply feel like you’re a part of the film! The National Art Center is open from 10:00AM – 18:00PM (closed tuesdays) and admission price depends on exhibition.


Mengunjungi Tangga Kimi No Nawa Di Shinjuku

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Where Are The Red Stairs Of Your Name (kimi No Na Wa)?

Relive the tale of star-crossed lovers, Taki and Mitsuha by going on a Your Name pilgrimage and visit the real-life locations (or locations that inspired many parts of the film) all in Tokyo.

The restaurant that Taki and Okudera-spai dined at during their date is called Salon de the Rond and is located on the second floor of The National Art Ctre. To get a better view, I suggest going up to the third floor. The restaurant ops at 11AM.


There are also some shots of the Art Ctre during the date like the brown-lined walls and glass-panelled directions. Going inside the facility is free of charge.

Real World Location Of Anime Your Name (kimi No Na Wa)

For their date, Taki and Okudera-spai meet up at Yotsuya Station. To get a better view, take the Akasaka exit and look back. Unfortunately, there was construction going on wh I visited so the actual part of the station that is in the film did not have the Yotsuya Station sign (the right side) so I opted for the other side.

The stairs that Taki is se panting at in the film is also here. Walk to the left and you'll see a flight of stairs.

It's a little bit of walk from Yotsuya Station to Suga Shrine so I suggest using Google maps to navigate. Once you spot Lawson 100 store, turn and walk a little until you spot these signs (location on Google Map). Unfortunately, the sign is too high for me to take the actual angle as in the film (!).

Take A Tour Of Tokyo’s ‘your Name.’ Film Locales

The intersection also appears in the film; however, there was construction going on wh I wt so I was not able to take a shot. But walking further, you'll recognize this spot which is also in the film wh Taki was finding the way (location on Google map).


From there, take the left and keep walking and you'll see a vding machine that welcomes you to the Holy Land of Your Name. You know you're near the sacred spot.

The stairs to Suga Shrine is perhaps the most iconic location of the film. The first promotional materials is set here and film's hopeful ding also takes place here.

My Favorite Shots From My Kimi No Na Wa Pilgrimage Earlier This Summer

The stairs itself is nothing special. Locals past by it normally. But having se the film, the significance of it changes particularly wh you think about Taki and Mitsuha meeting here. While the view is not a hundred perct similar as it is in the film, the resemblance is pretty close.

One of the best things about these spots is that they're not crowded. They're everyday, mundane places that people use or pass by. Yet, to those of us who has watched the film, the spots take on a whole new meaning as we imagine ourselves taking Mitsuha and Taki's footsteps.

The following set of locations that are featured in Your Name are a little bit more off the radar in the film, but they still show where Makoto Shinkai drew inspiration from. These real-life locations also makes Taki and Mitsuha’s journey feel much closer to


A Pilgrimage To Your Name Locations (that You Can Follow)

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