Kimi No Na Wa Vs Weathering With You

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Kimi No Na Wa Vs Weathering With You

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Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You is the latest film from Japan’s acclaimed director Makoto Shinkai. Hailed as the next Hayao Miyazaki, Shinkai rose to international stardom with his smash-hit film 


Which is scheduled for a North American release in early 2020. This article will serve as a short (admittedly sometimes biased) comparison of Your Name vs. Weathering With You.

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I was blessed with the opportunity to see the film on opening day in Japan and it did not disappoint. However, was

Was a great anime film in its own right, it did not surpass the greatness of its predecessor. Here are 5 reasons why 

For the 2nd (more likely 6th) time, I started to wonder why they didn’t go into more detail about Taki’s backstory. All we really know about him is that he has a dad, doesn’t appear to have a mom or siblings, and that’s about it. Since the film focused more on Mitsuha’s family history, I didn’t think too much of it and I’m not sure Taki’s family history would’ve benefited the film in any way.

Your Name/ Kimi No Na Wa Ending Explained

 had the same problem for me. However, this time there is a lack of backstory for both main characters, Hodaka and Hina. Of course, we know that Hina’s mom passes away and she is left to take care of her younger brother. However, the pain of that loss, and her and her brother’s struggles were never touched on, which I thought were pinnacle to their character in the film.

Hodaka is a 15-year-old boy who runs away from home to try to live on his own in Tokyo. Something must’ve driven him to do that, but again we aren’t told what it is. We know that he’s lost, but we don’t know why he is lost.

Hina is the girl who he falls in love with, the girl who gives him meaning in life and the feeling that he is no longer alone. But the strength of their bond and the impact on the audience would’ve been much stronger if we knew just what it was that Hina was saving him from or what Hodaka was running away from.2. Weird Abrupt Graphics Changes

Persamaan Antara Kimi No Nawa Dengan Tenki No Ko

This may be a smaller flaw and personal preference, but a few times throughout the film the art style changes from tradition anime 2D cel-shaded art, to 3D CGI shot from weird angles. The change is so obvious and abrupt that you are immediately taken aback by it when it happens.

There is a scene in the film where Hodaka and Hina are enjoying fireworks on the roof of a building. The scene then changes to 3D CGI and shows an overview of Tokyo skyscrapers with the camera moving between them as the fireworks explode in the sky. However, with such a scene it distracted from the emotion of the moment the two characters shared on the roof. As well, the CGI did not enhance the beauty of the fireworks at all. I believe it would’ve been a much more beautiful scene if it were just kept in the standard 2D animation style.

While the main theme “Ai Ni Dekiru Koto Wa Mada Aru Kai” or “Is There Anything Else Love Can do” is beautiful, the rest of the songs were average or forgettable. Whereas in 

Anime News — Crunchyroll To Release Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume No

, there are numerous songs that matched the moments of the anime perfectly and stay with you long after you’ve finished the film. I still listen to 

, every film was vastly different. I loved that aspect of Shinkai’s work. The fact that he took on unique projects, each their own in story, setting, genre, and format.


Clone with a slightly different story: an initial encounter, cute date/adventure scenes, a montage of scenes set to an upbeat Radwimps song, main characters separated and reunited.

Your Name’ Vs ‘weathering With You’: Comparing Shinkai’s Two Of Best Works, Weathering With You Scenery, Hd Wallpaper

As your immediate follow up film it better be as good or better. While the stronger fantasy elements of the film separated it from 

 was a great film in its own right, but it would’ve been better if he had released something a little more different formula-wise in between these two films.

In a previous article,  Top 3 Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You Story Predictions (with Screenshots), I boldly (and wrongly) guessed that Shinkai would not go for another happy ending. I thought he wouldn’t want to paint himself as a predictable director. I hate myself for saying this, but I feel like he too closely sampled elements of 

Why Is ‘your Name’ Such A Timeless Anime?

That he believed made it a mainstream success. The truth is a lot of his past works were more artistic and less mainstream. 

Was a high school romance with characters relatable enough to capture a wide audience, and a story unique enough to set the film apart from other romance anime. While 


Is also a film that has the potential to speak to a wide audience, the film felt too formulaic for me and even a little (emphasis on “little”) bit cheap.

How Weathering With You Connects To Your Name.

In the end, I don’t fault Shinkai for wanting his film to be a mainstream success. Who doesn’t love money and good reviews, right? But I really wish he hadn’t gone for another happily-ever-after ending.

Yet and want to check out some trailers or film previews, be sure to check out: Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You all Trailers, Commercials, and Preview Videos.Oh so the quarantine is extended in my country and to top it off, I’m spending it alone in a dormitory. Oh lala! But I fret not. In fact I am surprised on how well I’m coping with being alone. One that truly helps me right now are bullet journaling and blogging! All the more, I started to doing blogging collaborations for non-Philippine based bloggers. And here is one of them, featuring my collaboration with China-based blogger Libera Tarts!

From the time we decided on this topic, Libera have only watched “Your Name” and it’s her favorite movie. Unfortunately , she missed the theatrical showing of “Weathering with You”. That’s the complete opposite for me though. In my timeline, I have watched Weathering first because a friend and a fan of “Your Name” invited me to watch it in theaters. I’m aware how popular “Your Name” is and I’ve been always curious but did not have the chance to actually watch it for years. This blog collaboration gave me a new exciting purpose to finally watch my forgotten copy of “Your Name” in my laptop.

Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume Film Overtakes Weathering With You

As Kimi No nawa’s story progresses, I couldn’t help but to see the parallelism of the story to its successor Weathering With You” .

Weathering With You tells a story about a runaway highschooler named Hodaka who met Hina in Tokyo and together, they put a business utilizing Hina’s ability to bring out the sun in a short duration of time.


In Kimi No Nawa, both of them are involved in a supernatural phenomena. However, it was Mitsuha who has the heritage of body swapping running in their family thorough generation. Her grandmother explained that this happens because of their role as the caretakers of the shrine.

Weathering With You« Erhält Spezielle Endsequenz

In Weathering With You, Hina was the one who possessed the ability to clear the weather. She got it when one day she was mesmerized to a ray of sunlight and followed it until she reached it on a rooftop. A seemingly magical encounter with mythical creatures happened and she woke up with the ability to clear the endless rain in Tokyo. She was later referred as “Sunshine Girl or the Weather Maiden”.

There is a lack of parental guardians in both movie. Although in Kimi No Nawa, Mitsuha has a father but they are not closed. She and her siblings felt like they already divorced their father emotionally. and is not living with him. They have their grandmother instead to take care of them. Taki seems to be living independently even as a highschooler.

The same with “Weathering with you”. Hodaka ran away from home. No backstory or whatsoever why. Hina and her adorable brother “Nagisa” were already orphan but Hina proved to be such a dependable sister. She works on part-time jobs and is an incredible chef.

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In Kimi No Nawa, there is Yotsuha, always grumpy waking her sister up every morning. Sometimes she acts like she’s the older sister. She’s an elementary student. She also performs the family tradition of taking care of the

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