Kimi No Na Wa Mitsuha

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Kimi No Na Wa Mitsuha

” will go down in the history books as one of those record-breaking animated films. No, not just because of the numbers it produced, but also because the film was just that ‘damn’ good. If anything, the release of this film just made his name legendary. As a matter of fact, it garnered popularity off-the-charts, that even Makoto-san himself is getting annoyed (he also claims that the film is lacking and undone).

Before getting to my review and personal interpretation *slash* analysis, I would like to share a brief summary of the film. Hence the warning:


Or also knows as ‘Your Name’, revolves around the lives of two young teenagers namely, Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana. The film tells a story of two different individuals living in two contrasting lifestyles (city life and provincial life), who are incidentally caught up in a unique dilemma. An unexpected problem which leads to a discovery that changes both of Mitsuha and Taki’s lives.

Kimi No Na Wa Mitsuha Miyamizu 1080×1920

The film begins with Mitsuha waking up confused and acting weird, which was first noticed by her younger sister Yotsuha. The movie then jumps to the following day where it is implied that Mitsuha had no memory of what had occurred the previous day (her acting weird and confused). During this time, Mitsuha is briefly introduced by describing her everyday life, which includes having a rich cultural background (ritual).

After introducing the female lead, Taki then takes center stage, but in Mitsuha’s perspective. Same with Mitsuha, it is also implied that Taki is not aware of the fact that he has been acting ‘differently’ on certain occasions. However, it did not take long for the two lead characters to realize the situation that they are in. Upon finding out that they have been switching bodies on certain days, they try to help each other out by reporting all that has happened on their mobile phones during the said switches.

After series of events, Taki, who was currently on a date with his crush, realizes that he needed to see Mitsuha himself. He then tries to remember all the memories he had inside Mitsuha’s body to locate her. With the memory of the lake clear to him, Taki, with two friends, went out of the city to search for the place. Upon finding out that the place was

Mitsuha Imaging Herself In A Commercial For Kuchikamizake. (kimi No Na…

, a town that suffered an unfortunate disaster (hit by a comet debris that killed everyone on the town), Taki began to question his memories with Mitsuha.

) is hidden. After drinking the sake, Taki then finds himself back to Mitsuha’s body, on the day of the mishap. He then proceeds to coming up with a plan that could possibly save all the townspeople from the upcoming tragedy. With the plan in place, Taki (who’s in Mitsuha’s body) decides to look for the real Mitsuha at the 

As dawn ended, both of them went back to their respective bodies. Mitsuha then tries to finish Taki’s plan of saving everyone from the upcoming disaster. However, while these were happening, both Taki and Mitsuha forget each others names (but not their feelings for each other). Motivated by her emotions, Mitsuha successfully persuades her father to evacuate everyone from the vicinity of the meteor crash, saving majority of the town.

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In its waning moments, the film time jumps eight years into the future. During this time, both Taki and Mitsuha are located in Tokyo but without clear memories of each other. This results to them having that longing for someone whom they do not know. However in the final scenes, Taki and Mitsuha see each other on opposite trains, triggering both of them. Running to meet each other, Taki and Mitsuha find themsleves on a staircase. In an almost heartbreaking fashion, Makoto Shinkai breaks the silence and decides to let the characters speak. Confirming that they knew each other all along.

Will go down as one of the legendary animated films of all time. It is the type of film that people would go back to 10 to 20 years from now, and still feel the emotions the movie wants to emulate. However, like all films, it did not escape some critics. While excelling in cinematography and musical score, some viewers would point out that the plot lacked key factors. As a matter of fact, Makoto himself acknowledges the ‘incompleteness’ if his film, which I personally do not mind at all. You can say that I am getting a little bit of bias in this opinion of mine, but I could explain to you why I do think that the positives overcome the negatives.

First of all, the way the film introduces the main characters of the film was unique. It plants questions on the viewers’ minds, up to the point that it may be confusing to some. It then follows up with a subtle reveal of the situation or the dilemma of the story, which was the exchanging of the main characters’ bodies. From this moment, I like how the movie gives its audiences the illusion that they have figured the plot all throughout. Consequently, it dives into a more complex situation for the viewers to understand and solve for themselves.


Kimi No Na Wa But With Only Mitsuha Noises (spoilers)

Highlights certain cultural themes that gives the story line the much needed depth it deserves. In its first few moments, the movie takes a good amount of time explaining Mitsuha’s responsibilities in her town. Here, we can see how culture greatly affects Japanese animated film directors, like Shinkai, in creating meaning behind their films.

Finally, two of the favorite reasons I have for loving the film is its flow and delivery. In terms of its flow,  

Brought a different flavor in depicting love stories. The way that Makoto Shinkai reveals the truth (bit by bit), captured my attention from start to finish. In a way, the movie was gripping and easy to invest emotions unto. This particular way of storytelling gives a viewer an easier time to connect with the characters. As with the delivery, it was simply superb. Musical scores embedded on each moments of the movie were perfect. The stills and sound effects were captivating. Most importantly, the emotion on every voice actor and actress was just on point.

Desktop Wallpaper Mitsuha Miyamizu, Taki Tachibana, Kimi No Na Wa., Anime Couple, Hd Image, Picture, Background, Pv21kc

‘s areas of absurdity makes it much more lovable. It leaves its audience fulfilled and wanting for more at the same time. A compliment that we could seldom describe in an animated film about love.

DISCLAIMER: For the following analyses, I would like to clarify that instead of focusing on the cultural aspects of the film (Shinto religion), my interpretation would connect the film with everyday (present) experiences. This is because, I am not that well educated about the religion. However, there is definitely a cultural analysis behind the film. Check it out with other reviews on the web.


, Taki faces a lot of adversities in his quest to find the truth behind the dilemma. Despite forgetting the memories he had with Mitsuha, he pursues his goal of finding her.

Hd Wallpaper: Anime, Your Name., Kimi No Na Wa., Mitsuha Miyamizu

This is very similar with our everyday struggles in life. We as humans have our own aspirations, dreams, and goals in life, but we always find ourselves in the middle of failure. With every obstacle that comes our way, our determination to pursue such dreams begin to falter. However, like in the film, we could choose to strive hard and continue with our journeys no matter the challenges we face. If we really want to achieve something, we can never give up until we reach that dream.

Is used as the supernatural or spiritual force that creates and binds everyone together. Although it cannot be defined by a single word,  

Is in a sense the reason behind all events that has happened in the movie. This belief also describes how each and every person in the world is somehow connected with each other. Like how Mitsuha and Taki are ‘connected’.

Hd Wallpaper: Anime, Your Name., Kimi No Na Wa., Mitsuha Miyamizu, Taki Tachibana

This is a beautiful description of how we people are all undeniably social beings. Although not directly or literally related to each other, every individual seek company (might be as a lover, friend, or family).


. With this belief, the movie describes how both Mitsuha and Taki are connected ever since both of them were born (see Mitsuha’s backstory). This implies that no matter how the string (or their fate) tangles, both of them will still end up together in some way at a certain point of time.

Which brings us to how, like all love stories do, ‘Your Name’ defines love. Personally to me, the movie sort of describes love in this way:

I Love You’: How Makoto Shinkai’s Kimi No Na Wa (your Name) Captured Everyone

Love needs no reason and is unending. No matter how great or less it becomes, it will never disappear. Love is endless, and sometimes pointless. Nevertheless, we still love anyway, because that’s exactly how and what love is.

In all honesty, this analysis and review of the film does not justify the beauty and the elegance of this film. Therefore, I urge you for the ‘nth’ time to watch the film. It might have its plot holes and absurdness (which honestly can still be explained if you delve in deeper unto it),

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