Kimi No Na Wa Dialogue

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Kimi No Na Wa Dialogue

Your name your name or kimi no na wa 君の名は is a 2016 japanese anime film directed by makoto shinkai it follows two high school students swapping bodies and living their separate lives it is the highest grossing anime film of all time having overtaken spirited away

1 i m always searching for something for someone this feeling has possessed me i think from that day that day when the stars came falling makoto shinkai your name quotes advertisement 2 but the sensation that i ve lost something lingers for a long time after i wake up mitsuha miyamizu quotes 3 once in a while when i wake up


Taki mitsuha s quote japanese 君の名前は romaji kimi no namae wa english your name is analysis 君 means you which is used when a person speaks to the second person in a lower status such as a teacher to a student or someone equal such as friends or couples

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Your name japanese 君の名は hepburn kimi no na wa is a 2016 japanese animated romantic fantasy film written and directed by makoto shinkai produced by comix wave films and distributed by toho

If you haven 39 t watched the 39 your name 39 anime movie do give it a watch and if you have watched it we are sure you will enjoy this list of 39 your name 39 quotes also known as 39 kimi no na wa 39 quotes if you like this article of 39 your name 39 you might also like our anime inspirational quotes and anime quotes about life as well

Wherever you may end up in this world i will be searching for you connecting people is musubi the flow of time is musubi these are all the god 39 s power so the braided cords that we make are the god 39 s art and represent the flow of time itself hitoha miyamizu your name kimi no na wa is the sixth film by makoto shinkai

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May 24 2021 kimi no na wa eng your name is a japanese animated romantic fantasy film written and directed by makoto shinkai two strangers find themselves linked in a bizarre way when a connection forms will distance be the only thing to keep them apart here i have collected some of the most amazing your name quotes

The miyamizu family deity is musubi musubi may refer to musubi no kami the shinto kami of matchmaking love and marriage similar to the chinese yue lao yue lao chinese 月老 pinyin yuè lǎo literally old man under the moon is a god of marriage and love in chinese mythology

Ah the very moment that the rain will stop and the place rainbow born and dies and where the end of this life lies i 39 ve always been insisting there was something that i 39 ve longing for one day we 39 ll reach to emotions unexplored unprecedented we 39 ll high five love we 39 ve yet to discover and give a kiss to time

Kimi No Na Wa, Your Name

Your name directed by makoto shinkai with ryunosuke kamiki mone kamishiraishi ryo narita aoi yûki two teenagers share a profound magical connection upon discovering they are swapping bodies


1 love what a great concept i don t really know what it means i mean i do have a girlfriend and i do love her so much but you know showing movies and shows ever since i ve grown up is something that i ve always fantasized

Full plot cast ryunosuke kamiki as taki tachibana mone kamishiraishi as mitsuha miyamizu masami nagasawa as miki okudera etsuko ichihara as hitoha miyamizu ryo narita as katsuhiko teshigawara aoi yuuki as sayaka natori nobunaga shimazaki as tsukasa fujii kaito ishikawa as shinta takagi kanon tani as yotsuha miyamizu

Kimi No Na Wa’ (your Name.) Now Hailed As Highest Grossing Anime Film

Lyrics sparkle kimi no na wa radwimps inorijes mada kono sekai wa boku o kainarashitetai mitai da nozomi doori ii darou utsukushiku mogaku yo tagai no suna dokei nagame nagara kisu o shiyou yo sayonara kara ichiban tooi basho de machi awaseyou jisho ni aru kotoba de deki agatta sekai o nikunda mangekyou no naka de hachi gatsu no aru asa

Looking for information on the anime kimi no na wa your name find out more with myanimelist the world 39 s most active online anime and manga community and database mitsuha miyamizu a high school girl yearns to live the life of a boy in the bustling city of tokyo a dream that stands in stark contrast to her present life in the countryside


Kimi no na wa script and english translation hey i just watched the movie and fell in love with it as an upcoming screenwriter myself i would love to read the script unfortunately i haven 39 t found a pdf version of the anime however i read that the collectors edition contains some kind of script book furthermore someone actually posted

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Kimi no na wa 君の名は your name is a 2016 japanese animated youth science fiction fantasy film written and directed by makoto shinkai with animation by comix wave films and distributed by toho the film is inspired by a novel of the same name written by shinkai masayoshi tanaka is the character designer and radwimps composed the

1 appearance 2 personality 3 kimi no na wa 3 1 itomori incident 2013 3 2 main story 2016 3 3 epilogue 2021 22 4 appearances in other media 4 1 manga 4 2 tenki no ko 5 relationships 5 1 mitsuha miyamizu 5 2 miki okudera 6 gallery 7 trivia 8 references 9 navigation appearance taki 39 s full character design

Published in english may 23 2017 pages 262 your name japanese 君の名は hepburn kimi no na wa is a japanese light novel written by makoto shinkai it is a novelization of the animated film of the same name which was directed by shinkai it was published in japan by kadokawa on june 18 2016 a month prior to the film premiere


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Kimetsu no yaiba yuukaku hen episode 9 alternative names demon slayer entertainment district arc demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba entertainment district arc rate this episode here reminder please do not discuss plot points not yet seen or skipped in the show failing to follow the rules may result in a ban streams

Part 1 taki part 2 mitsuha ano hi hoshi ga futta hi sore wa maru de maru de yume noo keshiki no you ni utsukushii nagame datta houkago warii

78 pages explore kimi no na wa characters community in soundtrack katawaredoki sign in to edit katawaredoki is an instrumental soundtrack from the film the piece plays while taki and mitsuha meet each other for the first time on goshintai during the kataware doki sunset

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1 39 17 your name kimi no na wa full movie by makoto shinkai publication date 2017 04 07 topics makoto shinkai anime anime movie japanese anime language english two teenagers share a profound magical connection upon discovering they are swapping bodies


Contextual translation of kimi no na wa into english human translations with examples kimi no your name kimi no kirei kimi no na wa kimi no koto koishī

Kimi no na wa kojiki when you click and drag on the google street view image which is on the blog you can view various 360 degree panoramic images

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