Kimi No Na Wa Cameo In Weathering With You

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Kimi No Na Wa Cameo In Weathering With You

Now if you look at the timeline for weathering with you taki and mitsuha have their cameos while the weathering girl business is ongoing and the opening hours are during the summer of 2021 in december 2021 there s the exciting moment where taki and mitsuha nearly managed to find each other and meet each other when they crossed

Called weathering with you shinkai s new film out january 17 in america shares many similarities with your name in terms of basic plot structure two spirited young people connect over a


A few cameos in the background of weathering with you 565 39 comments best add a comment spaceguy5 3 yr ago honoka yukishiro and nagisa misumi from pretty cure godzilla and aqua carrying a flying cabbage from konosuba a few frames later there 39 s also short haired hatsune miku 85 leprawel 3 yr ago gendo behind hatsune 19

Did Taki And Mitsuha Appear In Weathering With You?

310 pages explore shinkai 39 s works community in male your name characters weathering with you characters taki tachibana view source the kimi no na wa wiki has an article about this subject taki tachibana in your name 2013 2016 2022 name japanese 立花 瀧 rōmaji tachibana taki personal information age 22 23 as of final timeline 2022

Weathering with you features cameos from your name rather than a passing reference to your name weathering with you features another shinkai character cameo and a significant one at that it 39 s from one of your name 39 s central characters taki tachibana

Mitsuha miyamizu 宮水 三葉 miyamizu mitsuha is the main female protagonist of your name and makes a cameo appearance in weathering with you she is a 17 year old girl living in the rural town of itomori who yearns for a life in the bustling city of tokyo her family runs a shrine for which she participates in its old traditions as a shrine maiden with her younger sister mitsuha is a

Movies By Makoto Shinkai Any Anime Fan Should Watch

You may be wondering why they make cameo appearances in this film when you see them it is not a quick three seconds of them passing by in fact they actually have semi important roles to the story in a similar way that the teacher yukino from 39 the garden of words 39 makes a cameo as mitsuha s teacher in 39 your name 39 taki mitsuha teshi

Is kimi no na wa connected to weathering with you like is it an alternate universe or the time traveling stuff is happening at the exact same time as wwy 10 4 comments add a comment preparationdefiant46 2 yr ago yup it is connected dueacanthisitta1543 2 yr ago

221 votes 36 comments 29 3k members in the kiminonawa community subreddit for the movie kimi no na wa your name by makoto shinkai

Your Name (anime)

Even if the time with you tenki no ko weathering with you released in 2019 will not reach the success achieved by kimi no na wa the announcement of a new movie by makoto shinkai it is always an event to be reckoned with the new project of director of your name will be called suzume no tojimari in english suzume s door locking


Intro weathering with you mitsuha and taki cameo explained part 1 did mitsuha taki get married mipon 19 3k subscribers subscribe 448k views 2 years ago tokyo weathering with you

Kimi no na wa images kimi no na wa videos kimi no na wa articles kimi no na wa links kimi no na wa forum kimi no na wa polls kimi no na wa quiz kimi no na wa answers kimi no na wa fans español ह न द 中文 français ব ল deutsch italiano português nederlands melayu filipino 한국어 日本語

What Happens After Taki And Mitsuha Met When They Were Grown Ups In The Last Scene Of Movie?

An alternative title is a discussion about the idea of a makoto shinkai cinematic universe this is a sequel to a video i made over 3 years ago about the gar

Makoto shinkai says himself in an interview that taki and mitsuha have not met yet at the time they cameo in weathering with you syslox 3 yr ago just watched it today as well


There 39 s also another minor easter egg in weathering with you from kimi no na wa you can watch them in any order and you will get the story without watching them in order if you really want to know the easter eggs you want to watch them by the garden of words kimi no na wa and weathering with you

Weathering With You: Easter Egg Zu Your Name Im Film Versteckt

Shinkai makoto 39 s new the witch of sadness director of the world 39 s most popular film anime your name kimi no na wa shinkai makoto published the next wo

In this video we ll give a summary of what happened in 2016s your name 2019s weathering with you and what we 39 ve seen from the trailers for 2022s suzume no tojimari all created by makoto

Hi stay safe


Weathering With You】tachibana Taki And Miyamizu Mitsuha

Japanese box office us 193 8 million 2 weathering with you japanese 天気の子 hepburn tenki no ko lit 39 child of weather 39 is a 2019 japanese animated romantic fantasy film written and directed by makoto shinkai produced by comix wave films and distributed by toho it tells the story of 16 year old hodaka morishima who runs away

A collection of music videos that were included as bonus features with the your name and weathering with you blu rays while the videos have not been re encoded some minor changes listed below have been made in order to enhance the viewing experience

This was confirmed that weathering with you happened during the time taki and mitsuha were living their normal lives in tokyo before they met each other it was said in the exclusive interview with makoto i saw the cameos in theaters and i was wondering why they weren 39 t together and makoto explained it

Suzume (omu) In Aachen, Konzert, 19.07.2023, Hauptgebäude Aula 1

This question has been asked too often the answer is yes and no while the characters in kimi no na wa appear in tenki no ko and while makoto shinkai has confirmed canonically that mitsuha and taki get married a few months before the closing events of tenki no ko there are also plot inconsistencies which for some people make it impossible for the two movies to exist in the same universe


Weathering with you or tenki no ko is a japanese animated movie that has completely flown under the noses of the typical american viewers this animated movie was directed by makoto shinkai the man who created the animated film your name 2017 also known as kimi no na a movie that successfully entered highest grossing films in many countries other than the united states

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