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It makes sense when you think of the connection some people have with anime. Personally, I felt a special connection with the film

, which took the Japanese box office by storm in 2016 ( loved it so much, we added it to our list of Top 20 anime of all time). I loved the story and characters of course, but the


Director Shinkai Makoto captured the breathtaking, beautiful scenery of Tokyo in intricate detail. As a former Tokyoite, this made an impact on me. The hand-drawn cityscapes really pulled me into the story.

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So when I visited Tokyo during my vacation this past summer, I decided to go on an anime pilgrimage and visit locations used in

Note: If you haven’t seen the movie yet… sorry, this article is full of spoilers (naturally). Proceed at your own spoil-y risk.

If you want to find the exact location of each place, check out the handy multi-pin map I made on Google Maps.

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Salon de Thé Rond (10:55–11:45 a.m.) *Closed on Tues. The water glasses and coasters the cafe uses are similar to the ones in the movie. The plates look identical too!

In the movie, they start their date in Roppongi Hills, but the first stop on our pilgrimage is the coffee shop where they had lunch. It’s called Salon de Thé Rond, located on the second floor of the National Art Center.

There’s no admission fee to get into the building, so you have free access to this coffee shop. It opens at 11:00 a.m. so I went up to the third floor a little before then and took some pictures from above. From this angle, I got a great shot of the modern, stylish architecture of the museum and the coffee shop.

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As soon as 11:00 a.m. rolled around, I went into the coffee shop for an early lunch. I was the first customer! They didn’t serve exactly the same dish Taki and Okudera-senpai ate in the film, so I picked the closest thing I could find which was a sandwich and corn soup meal. The portion size was small, but it filled me up enough to walk the rest of the day.

This is a small thing, but the water glasses and coasters the cafe uses are similar to the ones in the movie. The plates look identical too! Just a nice detail for all us

After lunch, I explored the National Art Center. I’ve visited for art exhibitions before, but this time I focused on the space

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If you watch the movie carefully, you’ll notice the finer details of the museum aren’t replicated exactly, but the signature features of the building (the glass maps and wooden walls) are there. They really help you picture Taki and Okudera-senpai as an urban couple.

During my visit, there were a few art exhibits going on. I checked out one showing contemporary art from Southeast Asia. This wasn’t related to the movie, but going to art exhibitions in Roppongi is a classic date for Tokyo locals. So taking in the art is like walking in Taki and Okudera-senpai’s footsteps.

Side note: if you’re visiting Tokyo in November or December this year (2017), the National Art Center will have a Shinkai Makoto art exhibit. Checking out original art by the director of

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The next spot is an observation deck in Roppongi Hills. You can walk there from the National Art Center in about fifteen minutes.

Tokyo City View in Roppongi Hills (1:00–2:00 p.m.) In Your Name, Taki and Okudera-senpai go to the observation deck called Tokyo City View.

, Taki and Okudera-senpai go to the observation deck called Tokyo City View. It costs at least ¥1, 800 to get in, but sometimes you have to sacrifice for your anime journey.


Kimi No Na Wa (your Name)

Unfortunately, during my visit to the observation deck, there was a partition blocking part of the space, so I couldn’t back up far enough to get a photo with a composition similar to the one in the movie.

Besides that, I had a great time. It was my first time at Tokyo City View and I got to see the city landscape stretching out all the way to Tokyo Tower. It was an awesome view!

If you’ve got time, there’s an art gallery (on the same floor) and an art museum (one floor down). My ticket to the observation deck included the downstairs art museum too, so I popped in there for a bit.

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The next stop is twenty-five minutes away. So we’ll need to hop on the Ōedo line from Roppongi Station to get there.

This is the station where Taki and Okudera-senpai meet up for their date. I know I reversed the order of the places they visited, but I did this to avoid the crowds and get better photos. Order and timing will make or break an anime pilgrimage.

Yotsuya Station also shows up later in the film when Taki and Okudera-senpai meet up to take a walk and talk about their trip to Itomori-chō a few years before.

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Fans; they’re featured during the climax of the film when Taki and Mitsuha are trying to find each other (you know, the part where you were crying so hard you could barely see the screen).

From Yotsuya Station, head toward Yotsuya Sanchōme, walking on the left side of the street, Shinjuku Dōri. You’ll run into a Lawson 100 convenience store. Take a left from there. You’ll see these signs!


Not far from the last spot, you’ll find a Softbank, then a Kinko’s. Take a left again and keep going down the street.

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When I was here, a bike was left in nearly the same spot as in the movie! I almost moved it to the exact same position to get the perfect photo… but that would have been bad manners in Japan (or anywhere, really). So don’t do it, if you’re thinking about it.

The stairs of Suga Shrine are the absolute culmination of the film. The scene is definitely the most impressive and iconic in all of

Of course, this promotional image (with Taki and Mitsuha in school uniforms) isn’t replicated exactly in the film itself. Also the buildings on the right side of the stairs are a little different in real life. But you know those artists, always emphasizing height differences to make things more dramatic.

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The stairs of Suga Shrine are the absolute culmination of the film. The scene is definitely the most impressive and iconic in all of Your Name.

When I was here, there were a few other pilgrims; some Japanese high school girls and Chinese tourists. They took their pictures and quickly and left, probably off to the rest of the locations on the pilgrimage.

, it won’t seem special at all. A random guy talked to me at the top of stairs, wondering why I was taking pictures of the street and not the shrine behind me. He was visiting for shrine purposes and didn’t have any idea why people were there but not visiting the shrine.

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But, I’m a grownup. I finally left and headed to the next spot: Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery in Meiji Jingu Gaien-mae. It’s a bit far from Suga Shrine, but still within walking distance. You can get there in about twenty minutes.

This scene isn’t particularly important in the film, but I recognized the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery building from one of the scenes where Mitsuha and Taki switch bodies, and Mitsuha is excited to see Tokyo (I personally really like those scenes). So, I decided to include it in the pilgrimage.

Actually, this is the moment I got most hyped during the whole pilgrimage. Check out the sign behind those three guys, the green one with the beer on it. It was actually there at the real life location! I didn’t expect this at all, because it’s an advertisement for a beer garden, which is a summer-only restaurant. Pretty lucky, eh? It won’t be there forever.

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I read online that the coffee shop the characters went to after this scene (Mitsuha always wanted to visit a fancy Tokyo coffee shop, remember?) is modeled after one from this area. Unfortunately, it closed down for good so we’ll never know how accurate it was. 😭

I wanted to get a shot of the next spot at dusk so I went back to Shinanochō Station for a one hour break at a coffee shop (I was getting tired anyway). If you go on this pilgrimage in winter instead of summer, you may not need to wait for dusk because of the daylight time difference.

After the coffee, I was refreshed and ready to start my pilgrimage again. This time I headed to Shinanomachi Station for two pilgrimage spots.

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One is a pedestrian bridge stretching over the road in front of Shinanomachi Station. It shows up twice in the film, at the end of both times Taki meets Okudera-senpai.

Personally, I resonated more with the scene after the date (the first time they met), because this is where Taki starts having feelings for Mitsuha. After Okudera-senpai leaves, Taki gets a text from Mitsuha and then tries to call her.

Although the bridge and trees looked same, there was a building


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