Kimi No Na Wa. (Your Name) Orchestra Concert

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Kimi No Na Wa. (Your Name) Orchestra Concert

Die reinste und schönste Form der Poesie – in Bild und Ton: Mit filmischen Werken wie Voices of a Distant Star, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, 5 Centimeters per Second und Die Reise nach Agartha machte Makoto Shinkai sich einen Namen in der Animeszene. Am vergangenen Donnerstag gab der Regisseur (The Garden of Words) endlich bekannt, dass er an einem neuen Projekt namens Kimi no Na wa (Engl. Titel: Your Name) arbeitet. Im Rahmen dessen wurde auch ein erster Teaser veröffentlicht. Schaut ihn euch hier unten an!

Sensei Shinkai wird nicht nur auf dem Regiestuhl Platz nehmen, sondern auch das Drehbuch zum Film verfassen. Den Posten des Animationsregisseurs übernimmt hingegen der ehemalige Studio-Ghibli-Mitarbeiter Masashi Ando (Erinnerungen an Marnie), während Masayoshi Tanaka (Toradora!) für das Charakterdesign verantwortlich ist. Außerdem fungiert CoMix Wave Inc. als Produktionsfirma. Die Stimmen der Hauptfiguren Taki Tachibana und Mitsuha Miyamizu sprechen Ryunosuke Kamiki (Das wandelnde Schloss) und Mone Kamishiraishi (Ame & Yuki – Die Wolfskinder).


Die Geschichte über Wunder und Liebe, dreht sich um Mitsuha und Taki: Erstere ist eine Highschool-Schülerin, welche in einer ländlichen Stadt in den Bergen wohnt. Ihr Vater ist der Bürgermeister und selten zuhause, und sie wohnt mit ihrer grundschulaltrigen Schwester sowie Großmutter zusammen. Mitsuha hat eine ehrliche Persönlichkeit, jedoch mag sie weder die Bräuche des familieneigenen Shinto-Schreins, noch die Tatsache, dass ihr Vater an einem Wahlkampf teilnimmt. Sie beklagt sich darüber, in einem ländlichen Städtchen zu wohnen, und sehnt sich statt­des­sen nach einem wundervollen Lifestyle-Leben in Tokyo. Taki ist wiederum ein Highschool-Schüler, der im Zentrum Tokyos lebt. Er verbringt viel Zeit mit seinen Freunden, arbeitet Teilzeit in einem italienischen Restaurant und interessiert sich für Architektur sowie schöne Künste. Eines Tages träumt Mitsuha davon, ein junger Mann zu sein. Taki wiederum tut selbiges, jedoch als Highschool-Schülerin, die aus einem Städtchen in den Bergen stammt, wo der Junge noch nie zuvor war. Was ist das Geheimnis hinter diesen Träumen?

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Kimi no Na wa soll im August 2016 in den japanischen Kinos erscheinen. Ob oder wann der Film hierzulande zu sehen sein wird, ist noch nicht bekannt.

Your Name Romanze, Drama, Fantasy, Animation Laufzeit: 106 min von Makoto Shinkai mit Ryunosuke Kamiki, Mone Kamishiraishi, Ryo Narita Die japanischen Schüler Mitsuha und Taki sind sich nie begegnet. Während Mitsuha auf dem Land lebt und die Schule in Itomori besucht, ist Taki in Tokio zu Hause. Als Mitsuha, gelangweilt vom Leben im Nirgendwo, sich ein aufregenderes Großstadtlebe…

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Fünf Dinge, Die Du über »kimi No Na Wa

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Ein Blick auf die Vorbereitungen der letzten Staffel: Seht ein Netflix Special mit den Stars von Cobra Kai Von OnealRedux 1 KommentareKimi no Na wa. (君の名は。 , Your name.) is a 2016 Japanese anime romantic fantasy drama film directed, written, and edited by Makoto Shinkai, based on his own novel of the same name.


Your Name was animated by CoMix Wave Films and distributed by Toho . The film premiered at the Anime Expo 2016 convention in Los Angeles, California on July 3, 2016, and premiered in Japan on August 26, 2016.

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The film has received critical acclaim, being praised for its animation and emotional impact, and was also a commercial success, becoming the fourth highest-grossing film of all time in Japan and the highest-grossing anime film worldwide, with, as of January 15, 2017, a gross of over $330 million USD (United States Dollars).

A comet appears and mysteriously affects and connects the lives of two teenagers of the same age, a boy in the big, bustling city of Tokyo and a girl in a country village where life is slow but idyllic. They find for unknown reasons, they wake up in each other’s bodies for weeks at a time. At first, they both think these experiences are just vivid dreams, but when the reality of their situations sinks in, they learn to adjust and even enjoy it. Soon they start to communicate and try to leave notes about who they are and what they are doing. But as they discover more about each other and the other’s life, they uncover some disturbing hints that their distance is more than just physical and tragedy haunts them.


In the opening, a comet fragment is seen falling through the layers of clouds in the sky. It appears to fall on the town below it but that is left ambiguous as it cuts to the two main characters, Taki and Mitsuha, talking about how they feel as if they are missing something (Yume Tōrō), and that the feeling had lingered since the day that The stars came falling… It was nothing more, nothing less than a beautiful view.

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Mitsuha Miyamizu, a high school girl living in the fictional town of Itomori in Gifu Prefecture’s mountainous Hida region, is told by multiple of the people around her that she acted strangely the previous day, while noting that she is normal today. That night, she performs a ritual for her grandmother which is scorned by her classmates. Frustrated at her boring and close-knit life, she screams out on the shrine steps that I hate this place! I hate this life! Please make me a handsome Tokyo boy in my next life! much to her sister, Yotsuha’s dismay.

The next day, she wakes up in an unfamiliar place, realizing that she is in the body of a boy called Taki Tachibana. Leaving the house, she realizes that she has ended up in Tokyo, as if her dream had actually come true. She enjoys her time in his body, but only half-heartedly attempts to retain Taki’s reputation, as she believes it is all just a ‘very realistic dream.’


Taki returns to his own body, upon which he is continuously shocked by the changes Mitsuha has made, from leaving a ‘thanks to my feminine powers’ memo in his electronic diary to fixing his crush and coworker, Miki Okudera’s, skirt with threads. At the same time, Mitsuha finds that back in Itomori, Taki got angry at several of her classmates after mocking Mitsuha (which he took to be an insult to himself) and channeled his anger by kicking down a desk in the classroom. Both, shocked, flip through their books and notes, and come to the same conclusion: That in their dreams, they are switching bodies.

Pdf] Locality In Makoto Shinkai’s Kimi No Na Wa: Negotiating Japanese Youth Identity

Through a series of rushed cutscenes (Zen Zen Zense), it is shown that Taki and Mitsuha start communicating with each other by leaving notes on paper or leaving memos in each other’s phones. Both continually voice their frustrations with one another, first, with Mitsuha telling Taki to ‘watch the skirt’, after which Taki tells Mitsuha to stop wasting his money at cafes, which she rebutts that it’s his body that’s eating and that she’s working too. Mitsuha helps Taki develop a relationship with Miki, which he tells her to stop changing his relationships, soon after which Mitsuha frantically asks him why a girl is in love with her. He replies that she is more popular when he is in her body, where she tells him Don’t be so full of yourself – not like you have a girlfriend! after which Taki points out she doesn’t have a boyfriend. The sequence ends with them both comically writing on their faces, and saying, I’m single because I want to be!

Taki wakes up in Mitsuha’s body again one day. He is made to walk up a tall mountain that oversees the entire town of Itomori to bring the girls’ ‘kuchikamizake’ to the shrine, by Mitsuha’s grandmother, Hitoha, and even ends up having to carry her. During the journey, Mitsuha’s grandmother tells him and Yotsuha about ‘Musubi’, that it is the very fabric of time and life itself. At the shrine(which is inside a large rock encircled by two oddly symmetrical streams of water at the top of the mountain), He is told it is ‘half of Mitsuha’, to which he shudders. He looks at the view of the town from one of the points on the mountain and decides to tell Mitsuha to go there to watch the view.


One day, Taki wakes up back in his body, and finds that Mitsuha has actually set up a date for him and Miki, which he is utterly unprepared for. The date goes very shakily, during which they go to a ‘Nostalgia’ exhibition and Taki is attracted by several pictures of Itomori under the Hida section. At the end, Miki notes that even though they both used to like each other, Taki now likes someone else, which he embarrassedly says is not true (although seemingly increasing her belief of that). He looks in the sky, trying to see the comet Mitsuha had said would be overhead. Not being able to see it, he frustratedly tries to call Mitsuha.

Kimi No Na Wa. (your Name.)

The movie then cuts to Mitsuha on the morning of her town’s festival, which is the day the comet will be, according to multiple newscasts before this, most easily visible from Earth.

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