Kimi No Na Wa Characters In Weathering With You

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Kimi No Na Wa Characters In Weathering With You

The short answer to this question would be: Yes they do. Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu make an appearance in Makoto Shinkai’s newest film, ‘Weathering With You’ (2020).

If that’s all you would like to know, I recommend you turn away from this post (or hey, read The Boba Culture’s review of this film here!)


You may be wondering why they make cameo appearances in this film. When you see them, it is not a quick three seconds of them passing by, in fact they actually have semi-important roles to the story.

How Weathering With You Connects To Your Name.

In a similar way that the teacher—Yukino—from ‘The Garden of Words’ makes a cameo as Mitsuha’s teacher in ‘Your Name’; Taki, Mitsuha, Teshi, and Sayaka all have screen time in ‘Weathering With You’

Teshi and Sayaka make a quick cameo, just enough for them to make a side comment, and then they are off the screen. They are wearing similar clothes to the ones they are wearing at the end of ‘Your Name’ when they are in the coffee shop.

Mitsuha has a role relevant to an object that Hodaka gets for Hina. With some help from Nagi-senpai, he decides to buy Hina a ring for her birthday, leading him to a store that Mitsuha is working at. She assists him in the purchase of the ring, and we get to see her name tag that says “Miyamizu” clear as day. She is even wearing the red cord bracelet that she gave Taki, which he then gave back to her on the crater.

Weathering With You (2019)

Taki has a bit more of a glorified cameo. When they start taking jobs for the new “Sunshine girl business”, one of their clients is Taki’s grandma. They go to the Tachibana household, where we see Taki conversing with the main characters. Not only does he provide some insight to Hodaka, but more importantly, he is wearing a very peculiar shirt.

The collar of the shirt features the same shade of green that his school uniform has in ‘Your Name’, pointing to the fact that Taki might still be a student when ‘Weathering With You’ takes place.


The ending of ‘Your Name’ takes place in 2022, meaning that Taki graduated and began job searching sometime between the events of ‘Weathering With You’ and the end of ‘Your Name.’

Kimi No Na Wa: Pop Up Parade Taki Tachibana Non Scale Scale Pvc Statue

This of course means that Taki and Mitsuha still have no memories of the events that occurred between them in 2013/2016. When we see their cameo appearance in WWY, they are still a year away from meeting each other.

Shinkai also addressed a plot hole brought up by ‘Weathering With You’ because Hina’s return made it rain for three years straight, at least up until 2024. Tokyo didn’t look flooded in the 2022 depiction from ‘Your Name’, however Shinkai has stated that he doesn’t care about the timelines of his films.


While these movies might not be interconnected in the way the MCU or other film franchises are, it’s still nice to see these characters get some more screen time.

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Maybe these characters are something Shinkai would like to expand on more due to the positive fan reactions, or maybe not. Either way, don’t be surprised if we see Hodaka and Hina in Shinkai’s next film in some way.

Or maybe he’ll just go undercover and start writing YourName x WeatheringWithYou fanfics. Who knows…this man is making some of the greatest animated movies of all time. Let’s see where his universe takes audiences next.


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