Kimi No Na Wa Volcano

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Kimi No Na Wa Volcano

, or you’ve only heard of it. While some of the locations in the film inspired by real-life places in Gifu and Tokyo are quite well known, the ones in Nagano are less so. Check out these three places in Nagano that either appeared in or inspired locations in the film!

This lake is widely regarded as the inspiration behind the lake featured in the movie, its likeness is uncanny as seen in these photo comparisons. Various blog posts indicate that the best place to take photos of the lake are at Tateishi Park (立石公園) in Suwa. Couples have been known to take photos here during the twilight hour, just like in the film.


While only seen for two split seconds on-screen (left photo above, on the left), anyone who’s visited Koumi Town may have noticed a very unique-looking building in Mitsuha’s town, seen at the bottom of the left image above. Though it was unclear what that building was in the film, it looks very similar to Koumi Station, particularly the green-roofed clock tower.

Hd Wallpaper: Kimi No Na Wa, Your Name

The local train line that runs through Koumi Station is aptly named the Koumi Line. In addition to that, there is a special sightseeing train called the HIGH RAIL 1375, designed with the concept “the train nearest to the heavens”. This train is decorated beautifully with stargazing imagery and seats facing the windows, providing scenic views of the surrounding landscape. Taking the night route, HIGH RAIL Hoshizora, is a great opportunity to see the stars clearly, away from the city lights.

Sakae Bridge is located between Sakuho Town and Koumi Town, the birthplace of director Makoto Shinkai. While it is slightly different from the bridge in the film, the proximity to the Shinkai’s hometown makes it likely that it was the inspiration. A section of road just before the bridge is currently under construction.

Dig a little further and you’ll find that there are several bridges in the prefecture that are similar to the one seen in the film:

Descobre Os Verdadeiros Locais Do Filme Kimi No Na Wa

Please note that some of these bridges are extremely difficult to access. You can read about them further on this blog (Japanese only).Makoto Shinkai’s new film, “Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)” premiered in Japan August, 2016 and is popular among all ages. Famous landmarks were used throughout the movie because the audience can easily recognize the locations.

Suga Shrine is located in Tokyo and was used for the very last scene when Mitsuha and Taki pass each other on the stairs.

This is located in Roppongi and was used for the scene when Taki takes Miki on a lunch date. Miki is a stylish university student who is also working at the same Italian restaurant as Taki. The name of the restaurant is “Brasserie Paul Bocuse Le Musée” and it is on the 3rd floor.

Kimi No Na Wa. Releases Luxury Art Book!

Aogashima is a volcanic island and is located south of Hachijojima. This island is said to be the model of one part of Itomori town, Mitsuha’s hometown and it is important place for Mitsuha and Taki to reach the truth. Since the island is such as remote location, just getting there is an adventure. There is only one helicopter that goes to and from the island and it seats only nine passengers. The best way to get to Aogashima is take an airplane from Haneda airport to Hachijojima island. Then transfer to a helicopter there. If you decide to go by boat, there is only a 50% chance that you will actually make it there. This is due to the lack of beaches and natural bays on this island which makes docking any vessels risky and dangerous.


This shrine is located in Gifu and was used as the model for the Miyamizu Shrine, which is the symbolic shrine in Itomori. This is where Mitsuha performs a Japanese traditional dance with her little sister. This shrine is actually used for the Takayama festival, one of biggest Japanese traditional festivals, so you might be surprised by the difference in size between the real thing and the animated version.

This lake is located in Nagano and was used as the symbolic lake in Itomori. It is important place for Mitsuha and Taki to discover the truth. There are many sightseeing spots in Suwa other than Lake Suwa. In Suwa City Kohan Park, visitors can enjoy the spectacular view of the Japan Alps while soaking their feet in a footbath. Tateishi park overlooks the whole city and it is surprising how much the real scenery and the scene from the movie resemble each other. There is also Suwa Taisha Shrine and Takashima castle. Around Lake Suwa there are several hot springs so if walking gets too tiring, visitors can relax in a bath while looking at Mt. Fuji. During the summer at Lake Suwa there are several firework shows.The team is a group of passionate writers and anime nerds. We love anime as much as you. We offer a variety of content that's right for your anime needs. We are dedicated to providing the latest anime news, honest opinions, clear reviews, and detailed guides. We focus on giving you a holistic anime experience for anime newbies and veterans. We don't just watch anime; we live in the anime world.

Volcanic Crater Lake

Japan’s filled with lots of places to go and things to see. But the best part is to experience the exact locations from your favorite anime and manga series. The diverse scenery throughout Japan continues to inspire anime artists as they make new anime series and movies with their homeland in mind.

The same goes for the anime movie Kimi no Na wa (Your Name). Makato Shinka’s blockbuster anime movie has tons of scenes containing buildings and landmarks based on real-life locations. We will include a side by side comparison of the real-life places with their anime counterpart.


A pedestrian bridge located on the left hand out of Shinanomachi Station. Taki was trying to call Mitsuha while standing on this bridge.

Kimi No Nawa Suisei Practice By Nariakishirayuki On Deviantart

The Suga shrine close to Yotsuyasanchome station. This location is where the movie ends with Mitsuha and Taki crossing path with each other.

The Miyamizu shrine located in Gifu used as a model for Itomori shrine where Mitsuha performs a Japanese traditional dance with her little sister.

The large lake found in Nagano Prefecture, the neighboring prefecture of Gifu. Mitsuha’s hometown and place where Mitsuha and Taki learn the truth.


Spoilers] Kimi No Na Wa: Tiamat’s Significance

Taki visited the Gifu prefectural library to look for more information about the incident of a comet destroying the Itomori town and tracked down if Mitsuha was on the victim’s list.

Hidakuro the official mascot of Takayama city. While traveling to Mitsuha’s hometown Taki’s friend Miki Okudera and Tsukasa Fujii get excited after seeing Hidakuro at the station.

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